Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not on Film; But Sensored

Sensored as in, my camera's sensor, since going digital, one can't really write of capturing the details of life "on film" anymore.
This Father's Day weekend proved memorable in more than one way. Lots of sunshine, cool, refreshing water, gorgeous cloud formation, games of Splashball and wakeboarding...yes, wakeboarding...this is where the weekend turns memorable...and not in a great way.
The very next jump that Ian took over a wake, he caught a toe and gave himself a mild concussion. Short term memory loss. Needless to say, we packed up as fast as possible and headed home, to be closer to urgent care, if we needed it.
I checked his pupils periodically and tested his cranial nerves. All appeared to be functioning. We kept him awake past 11 and checked on him through the night. He was bummed when we limited his activities this week, including no sparring at tae kwondo camp.

I bet Mick won't ever forget this Father's Day. I don't think any of us will. Hopefully, next year will be less eventful.

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