Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We Have Arrived...

...at Big Grandma's condo in Winter Park. Happy to report, the weather and traffic cooperated nicely for us. (I only hope my sis and family's flight gets in to Denver ok tonight. There's a winter storm advisory out until Thursday am). We couldn't check in to our room right away, so we took care of a few things like "gearing up" and a trip to the local Safeway for some good eats. A few items later and we walked out with a receipt for $184.31! Ouch! (That was with the SW discount card). Crazy expensive compared to home. I took some pics with my new iPhone and will try to post some here later. (We'll just see how savvy or not so savvy I am with the new-to-me-technology-LOL)

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  1. Gee.
    It must be rough posted your skiing pics from your iphone.


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