Thursday, December 10, 2009


That's what it has come down to...a "SCRAM THIS!" (aka Christmas party) party for Ian at his public gifted class. They aren't allowed to call it a "CHRISTmas" party so...their little genius minds came up with an anagram of CHRISTmas to refer to it as! Not quite as good as being able to call it what it really is but pretty close IMHO.

They actually have Christmas trees here in the public schools. I'm pleasantly surprised Christmas trees are still allowed in the schools these days (and that Mr. BIG G-MAN hasn't put a halt to that yet). That said, I am soooo grateful we live where we do. I couldn't stand living in some states (say CA) where you'd probably be thrown in jail for having one in the school (insert severe sarcasm here).

They are not "Holiday Trees" people! They are CHRISTmas trees! Call them what they are.

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