Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting Christmas Crafty

Here's a few little lovelies I've been working on over the past few evenings. They have been quite fun to make and to tinker with. Plan to make several for teachers, family and friends. The hardest part? Deciding which one goes home with whom! You can't tell from the pic (I'll try to shoot some pics in macro mode-for better detail) but they are little necklace pendants made from Scrabble tiles (My fav game of all times. Oodles of family tradition and memories wrapped up into that game. Some of the very best memories I have of my Gramser). I am making one for my mom and leaving the "QU" visible on the back b/c my Grandma's house rules always involved that whomever laid down a "U" on the board, must be sure to place it such that the person who had the "Q" could play it. If not and we had leftover tiles at the game, especially the Q, then the game was considered a complete loss-LOL!
And here's my lil little muse, I mean!


  1. All I have to say is, "P" is for Paula!!! Way to get creative there girlie. Love the papers and scrabble peices. Everyone should adore them.

  2. Awe...thanks for the compliment, Sweet P!
    Hope you are having fun. The boys opened up their gifts tonight and are going to bed earlier so Santa gets here sooner.( least that's what they're thinking!) One never knows when Santa will arrive. :)


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