Friday, December 25, 2009

On the Night Before Christmas...

This is what we did:

The Torchlight Parade and 70th Anniversary celebration of the resort. If you look closely you can see the torches make the number "70"(Note: Look by the 4 skiers closest in the picture).

And look...

LOOK who we ran into!!!

Santa, despite his crazy hectic schedule, was sweet enough to take time for a photo op with us.

There was time for a steaming cup of hot cocoa for a Lil "BOO-dolph" (err, I mean RU-dolph) prior to the parade and alongside the roaring bonfire.

The gangs all here! (Apparently, some dudette wanting her hiney posted on my blog too!)

And here's a sweet pic of "Big Grandma "and my sis. Don't they look joyful despite the -20 below weather?

And a little video of the merrymaking:

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