Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Happiness

Our self-timed family Christmas pic. I only got two shots at this as everyone was "freezing."
The annual shot of the boys by the tree.

The Fam.

Big Grandma and the BEBZ.

A sweet boy and his daddy.

Decking the fireplace hearth

Little minds excited about the coming of Christmas. Sweetness abounds.

Big Grandma and her "Budderball"

Ian gets crafty.

Framed vintage mid-1970's America Cancer Society Stamps. I have two frames of these. Absolutely l-o-v-e them. Blast from my past. I think they're my favorite Christmas stamps EVAH. And last year's craft project: JOY.

Other household signs of holiday cheer...

and craftiness.

Gifts from dear friends (above)

And a few rounds of Guesstures for the boys. Pretty darn good at giving clues, these here boys are!A sweet boy wanting to make a quaint little paper Christmas village.

Chef Boo at his finest, creating holiday sweet treats!

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