Monday, October 26, 2009

World Conquerers

from the comfort of our sweet ole' home...

Homeschooling definitely has it's benefits: Like staying in your pj's all day while you learn about Ancient Greece and identify the countries and capitals of the Middle East.
This morning, Ian and I were reviewing great leaders of ancient civilizations. I asked him who Alexander the Great was. He remembered that he was the son of a king (ok, so we need to work on the exact king; Darius III of Mesopotamia) and that he was a great conquerer. We discussed that he had a city in Egypt named after him. This is where Ethan chimes in:

"WEH-ULLL...Mimi and Papa are ALMOST world conquerers!" (I'm sure they'll love to read this post!)

Ethan said this knowing that Mimi and Papa are soon to be taking another trip back to Egypt.

Only minutes later, Ian is working on some other geography-locating where various baseball teams are found, and he asks,

"Where is MONT-REAL?" (We joked that it took us back to previous incidents of putting the AC-cent on the wrong Sy-LA-BLE such as TOE-ma-toes instead of to-ma-toes! All of us got a few laughs over reminiscing over mispronunciations that each of us has spoken.

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