Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am sooo ready for my busy season to be over with. How do I know this? Because my body tells me so. Ha.

Last night I crashed on the couch at 6:30pm amidst trying to watch Phantom of the Opera on DVD with Ian. I really enjoy this movie, but my eyelids just and consciousness were fighting it all the way. I lost the battle and I awoke at 8pm to the sound of drums...and trumpets...and big boys; both big and little, taking turns at making melodies...and having a blast while doing so...completely oblivious to the fact that I was sleeping and in dire need of rejuvenation and rest. I forgave them though-'cause they were having so much fun together-and I can't not love a daddy bonding with his boys! I only wish I grabbed my camera to catch it all.

So today has been lots of errand running and checking things of the to do list; like:
  • paying bills
  • writing checks
  • chaffeuring to tennis lessons + tae kwon do lessons + band
  • home schooling: Middle East countries, polypeptides, amino acids and more baby!
  • cleaning: kitchen, floors, bathrooms and more bathrooms...sigh.
  • laundry, laundry and more laundry
  • wrapping up the book fair financials and getting check ready to send to Scholastic
  • helping Boo with his homework (the quarter ends tomorrow and I found out from his teacher this afternoon that he had a week's worth of homework he hadn't brought home!-So guess who didn't get to play tennis with his momma today? Hopefully tomorrow he'll get a chance to play.)
  • returning phone calls and rescheduling appointments that conflict with one another-like dental appointments and parent-teacher conferences
  • running to the store for a few items on a new recipe I've been wanting to try that I found here.
  • Note: Dinner is now complete and I have to say we (meaning Mick and myself) enjoyed the new recipe. I added a bit extra of chile oil and opted to throw cashews into the mix. Yumola! Our taste buds were so excited to try something new. (Chili, tacos, spaghetti and chicken nuggets were getting a bit stale).
  • More cleaning to go as I want to get the house in order before tomorrow. Boo gets out early from school and I finally have scheduled a much needed spa day (well, ok, actually it's just an hour)with Jules. I can't wait to be pampered. Yay me! :) (FINALLY using a gift certificate from my 40th bd-almost a year ago now).

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