Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Early to Bed...

...early to rise, makes a momma....

Tired. Period. (Sorry, I know you were lookin' for "healthy, wealthy and wise." Not gonna happen today folks!)
  • up at 7am, cleaned archway cabinets (yes, that's right, I cleaned them all out before the boys got up)
  • made lunch and started loads of laundry
  • fed the dogs, the cat, the kiddos
  • walked Boo to school
  • homeschooled on Ancient Greece, grammar and more (found some really cool, free educational websites to boot! Like putting back together a skeleton and learning all of the major bones-both BEBZ and da momma enjoyed that one)
  • paid a few bills and matched a few socks
  • checked cell phone just in time to find out Boo left his lunch at home-ran it over to school ALMOST in time to prevent the meltdown. ALMOST. I was signing in at the office window when I got a hug tackle from behind. I turned around to locks of blond hair and a distraught face riddled with tears. Somehow, through the muddled words that were interjected by sporadic, sputtering hiccups I was able to decipher these words that billowed out in one huge gust of emotion: "I dIDn'T wAnT to HAVE to gET a NUMBERRRRR oNEEEEEEEEE!" (Apparently, my peanut butter and strawberry-rhubarb jam sandwiches must hold some clout with the young lad. Or at least, it was an improvement over whatever the "Number One" was).
  • took Ian to band, gassed up car (What's up with the stinkin' hugs increase in gas prices again? GRRR....)
  • picked up dry cleaning
  • attempted to donate vehicle full of donations, to no avail "No More Donations Accepted Today" sign posted. Sheesh.
  • stopped by used book store and found a few good finds; really enjoyed looking at turn of the last century grammar books complete with the owner's signature and grammatical corrections, (Am I the only one who gets totally enthralled and sentimental by the sight of old handwriting and the mystery behind the person who owned the book? What she believed? How her life was different or the same from mine? I don't know, call me a geek but I think it's pretty neat to hold a bit of history in my hands.
  • picked up Ian from band
  • oversaw the creation of Ian's Ancient Minoan fresco of "bull jumping"
  • picked up Boo from school
  • took Boo to play tennis
  • made chicken fajitas just in time for the boys to inhale it before taking one to tae kwon do and the other to a Cub Scouts' den meeting
  • came home and cleaned kitchen from dinner mess, had Boo take a shower and spent the rest of the evening reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow to Boo before crashing in my bed, beneath my beloved 100% silk comforter and cozy flannel sheets. Calgon moment achieved.
  • So, how was your day? :)

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