Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Pre-race Festivities

A little game of football, washers and this:
A parade of Hum-Vs and troops. GOD BLESS THE TROOPS.

And no Nascar race would be complete without a stroll past pit row by this:
Looking at this...
made me hungry for the "Snack of a Lifetime". Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it as the majority of the gallon size bag was consumed by me, myself and I as well as the BEBZ. It was & IS so good + addictive that it has been affectionately and appropriately termed : "Track Crack".
The aforementioned confection is a veritable delight of salty + sweet: a type of Chex Mix and pretzels combined with craisins and almonds and caramel crunchy goodness amidst it all. Seriously folks- the stuff is IT. And I can get an actual copy of the recipe...if I'm willing to give up my first born son.



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