Friday, October 16, 2009

Everyone should have one of these...

a choreboard that is. Ian & I decided it was time to make chores more interesting. We decided why not make a game of it? Why not make it an art project for homeschooling too? And better, yet, why not incorporate the great hobby of scrapbooking into it? Why not I ask you?

So after much contemplating and planning of what supplies to use, how to coordinate the supplies and how to make a fully functioning "Wheel of Unfortunate Chores Events," we came up with this little number. And, I have to say, this "Choreboard" works and helps to maintain the peace. At least, in this household!

Much logic went in the planning of this wheel. Where to positioning the various chores so that if one brother got a less popular chore, the other brother got one too. Therefore, I guess I could count it as a math and logic project too (probability and whatnot-ya think?)-LOL!

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