Sunday, July 27, 2008

two days late in posting

about the early celebration of our 13th wedding anniversary
  • dinner at IJ's for a mexican chicken salad with a Blue Moon and orange slice to wash it all down oh and a shared order of fries
  • trip to HL for a BIA (Mick was referring to a Bind it OFF-not really sure why he would want to refer to it as that-LOL)
  • LONESTAR CONCERT-awesome! so good!
  • McAllister's tea
  • sharing of a funnel cake with Holly + Mark (how fitting that they met up with us on our anniversary celebration-after all-Mick and I met b/c of them! :) Oh my stars-Mick and I both thought it probably had been at least 20 years since the last one we consumed. Yumola!
  • home to consume a few more beverages and watch some tennis while Mick played some BF2
  • oh...and Mick got his iPhone delivered today-so we played with it the whole way to and from the fairgrounds--how much fun is it? Next person in the family to get!

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