Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meeting 2 Living Legacies...a night 2 remember

Look who I got to meet last night... BILLIE JEAN KING!!! She was so nice. She approached me and asked me my name. (I about fell to the ground-I was just trying to stay on the fringe of all of the excitement and get a picture of her with Ian and his group of friends). It was all such a blur...I only remember about half of what I said to her b/c in the midst of our conversation I hear my name being called out.
(I'm thinking, "Mick, don't you know better than to interrupt us? I AM SPEAKING WITH THE LEGENDARY BILLIE JEAN KING!!")
Well, (so sorry Mick to think it was you) the voice actually came from a tennis playing friend of mine who saw that Billie (I can refer to her as that now that we're tight and on a first name basis-LOL) was speaking to me and offered to get my pic with her.
Thanks so much Mark! And the blur to the photo is perfect-it reflects exactly how that moment was for me! You da best!!
I had printed out some old photos of Billie at home and brought them to the match for the BEBZ to get her autograph. On the way to the car, we reminded the boys to hold on tightly to their memorabilia. Of course, Boo, being the happy-g0-lucky dude that he is, skipped his way along and managed to lose his signed photo of BJK. When we had nearly reached the car, he realized his lack of carefulness and began to wail out across the great expanse of the makeshift parking lot, "I LOST MY BILLIE PICTURE! I LOST MY BILLLLLL_EEEEEE_PICTURE!!"
So, I promptly told Mick to get the boys into the van and I would backtrack our steps to the tennis complex. On the way there, I frantically queried a few straggling fans and asked them if they had seen the lost item. The second person I asked (a plump older man with a gorgeous white beard) said,
"Is that it over there?"
"Oh...yes, why I believe IT IS!" I said with glee. I explained to him what had happened (as if he didn't hear the blood curdling wails of Boo from far off at a distance) and he said he completely understood how upsetting that would be while beginning to pull something from his wallet. (I'm thinking at this point--what IS he doing?) He proceeded to pull out a business card-and on the front of it was a picture of THE SANTA CLAUS--HIM!!!!! ) I was so excited to run back to the van and to tell Boo that not only was his Billie Jean King pic recouped but that Santa was the one who had found it!
Well, a whole conversation ensued about how Santa was "dressed in disguise" at the match. I told the boys that was because he didn't want to "1-up" Billie Jean King on her night and he wanted to enjoy the match as we did-without an onslaught of kids deluging him with the every want and wish. (Even Santa needs some R&R, right?) It definitely was a night to remember...NOT one living legend--but TWO!!

  • Batman and Robin on the tube

  • intense reading by Ian- Finished HP#4 and onto Rick Riordan's new book. The kid read for over 4 hours today!!!

  • nursing sunburns-loaded the boys up with SPF before leaving cabin and then inadvertently left lotion in the van at the campground (we could'nt put in at usual spot-yellowjackets!)

  • Club Penguin

  • the creation of "Princess Peppermint's" Webkinz bed by the BooBear-and yes, she did feel the pea beneath her (LOL) picture of said creation to follow--took most of morning to make the bed

  • uploading pics from laptop and ordering, organizing backed up pics that are on cd's (still mourning over the loss of July and August 2007-especially 1st day of KGTN pics-although I really thought I had backed these up onto cd's...huge sigh....)

  • photoshopping pics from Cancun trip, adding text and postprocessing

  • laundry, laundry, laundry.

  • Mick mowed the yard

  • planning for the schoolyear with Michelle

  • Olympics 08 studies

  • writing up to do list for the week

  • gearing up to see faraway family next week

  • scolding the puppers for chasing the Hugster

  • listening to Mick play BF2 with his online buddies and watching his quirky + hilarious + spastic minute movements of his mouth as he tries to annihilate virtual enemies with his various forms of weapons and ammunition. Trust me on this's hilarious.

  • Organizing school stuff and straightening up scrapbook area. Ongoing....

  • fighting a bout with seasonal allergies--aaaaahhhh...Aaaah....CHOO!

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