Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mrs. Marvin

So, we were sitting at the dinner table last night (which consisted of grilled chicken, green beans and corn on the cob) when Ian starts in with "Ooohhh...(with much emphasis and lilt in his voice)...MRS. MARVIN! Is this hand shucked corn?"

(Note: This is a quote from one of our all time favorite family movies, What about Bob? where Bob, Bill Murray's character is consuming corn on the cob-with gluttonous behavior and much smacking and slurping.)

And then Lil' Boo Who chimes in with...

"OOhhh.. and are these beans hand snapped?"

(I had had the boys snap the beans in preparation for dinner!LOL)

Ok...Is it just me...or is the boy hilarious?

Finally finished up with all of the laundry from our recent trip to Cancun. Downloading the pics and hope to post some soon. Bills are paid and house is somewhat in order-so hopefully I'll get back here soon to post some. Til then,
Adios Amigos!

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