Sunday, July 27, 2008


spent yesterday visiting with Aunt Norma and Uncle Dick-always sooooo good to see them! It had been over 2 years. 2 years 2 long IMO. We met at local mom-n-pop restaurant near their house and had taco salads. Afterwards, we went to their house and the boys got a tour of their yard on AN's "mule" -complete with a run by their "lagoon." We caught up on things-their recent trip to Chile and how the rest of the maily was doing. Saw pics of the latest addition to the family: Baby Adyson. Boys were interested in the baby barnswallow and it's nest as well as the cuckoo clock. Actually, that's what they remembered about their last visit-"Oh yeah. Aunt Norma and Uncle Dick have that cuckoo clock, right?"
So we watched not so patiently for the cuckoo to make his appearance at 2 and 3 o'clock. Then we ate some of AN's homemade peach pie with Schwan's vanilla ice cream! Heaven! The boys said the vanilla ice cream was the best ever!
Travelling on I managed to miss a turnoff and ended up about 20 min. north and 30 minutes west of our end destination. Grrr. Drove through miles of cornfields with a major sinus HA (as the corn was in full tassel). Finally met up with sister Karen and "Cousin Andrea" at the hotel. So good to see them. More than 1.5 years since our last visit together. Anxious to watch Andrea play softball. Such talent. More 2 follow.

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