Wednesday, July 02, 2008

All About Stashes

So, recently I have begun having secret stashes of things I love to indulge in...(b/c I have growing boys with growing appetites-LOL). My usual stash is dark chocolate covered raisins, Cherry Nibs, and salt and vinegar Cape Cod potato chips.
Well, the other day Ian came down the stairs with a CF Diet soda in his hand and Ethan, ogling it with great wantonness, said,

"Hey, where'd you get that?"

To which Ian, replied, "From my Secret Stash." Ethan grumbled, scrunched up his nose with disapproval, and walked on.

Later in the evening, Mick came up to me chuckling to himself.
I asked,"What's so funny?"
He whispered in my ear,

"Ethan wants his own 'Secret Stash'.

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