Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let the 12 Days of Christmas Begin...'s the final countdown to Christmas and I have the majority of my Christmas shopping done. The homemade gifts...on the other hand...well...I've got a tad bit more to do. Today I worked on teacher's gifts (maybe I'll get those posted too here soon). Continued to cut a chunk out of the monster Christmas card list-currently at No.88. I made at least 75 homemade cards this year. Not to worry-began making them in October! LOL. Anyways, this year the boys and I have decided to recycle a bit more -especially in terms of Christmas. Here's one idea I came up with: I wrapped the present with the bag from a recent bag of clementines I purchased. I used the plastic clip tie to hold it together (along with some strategically placed cellophane tape! Kinda fun if I do say so myself. Ian liked the idea so much he wrapped his class gift up in the same manner. Next on the list (picture two below)-a sampling of cards I stamped up. And lastly, my new scrapping station. L-O-V-E this! Oh so handy! Love that it has casters to move it around!'s 1:11AM -best get to bed!!! More later!

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