Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Face of Six's finally here...The day that our baby, Boo Bear, has to show us how old he is with two hands. BIG sigh.....Time just keeps on a flyin'....just went in to check on him (and big brother too) while he slept and was watching him sleeping. Noticed his ear and was transported back to six years ago when he first entered this world-the perfect APGAR 10/10 boy that he was-with a right earlobe that was folded at a right angle a bit. Funny how as new parents you notice these little details. Well, the right angle isn't so prominant anymore-it worked itself out after he was no longer smushed in the womb I guess LOL, but the memory still is...and for a momma whose struggling to let her baby grow up...well, I'm gonna just hod onto that memory a little longer...and the little boy too!

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