Friday, December 07, 2007

According to the Boo Bear...

apparently Snoopy has a yellow, feathered friend named "Woodchuck" and Pooh has a friend named "Peeyore". Mimi and Papa came to visit this week and it was time to learn how to crochet (relearn for me) and how to make her infamous, decadent, and add-a-pound-and-an-inch-to-one's-hips awesome homemade toffee recipe. Talk about BAM! It totally rocks! This week has been time to finish up last minute handmade gifts, Christmas card writing and last minute online present shopping. How fun and easy to order online. Love the free shipping specials. Can't wait for Mr. Fedex and Mr. UPS to make their visits. Some presents I will have shipped directly, of course.

Just finished making Boo's Christms photo bookmarks for his classmates. He's addressing each of them by hand. He cracks me up. He diligently is writing each of their names-complete with their last names. Ian is thinking he might want to do a project too. We'll have to come up with something.

Both of the boys are really into Webkins and CLub Penguin right now. Mimi and Papa got Ethan a one month subscription for his bday. He can have more months if he likes it.

I framed one of my two sets of 1970's era American Lung Association Children Artist Christmas Stamp Sets (lifted the idea from Ali Edward's blog-thanks Ali!) and it looks great-now I just need to find another 8x10 frame to hang other set beneath the first one. I love the colors and the graphic feel to it. Maybe I'll take a picture of then both and post it in the near future.

Oh, another thing about the Boo Bear I just thought of. The morning after Ethan's bday, he camp upstairs and informed all of us that his birthday wasn't over "until the last of my birthday ice cream cake is gone." What a crack up. Today, we were working on thank you notes and reviewing what he got for his bday and he said, "Well, from Papa I got six swift spanks and a PINCH to grow and INCH!

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