Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Great Day... stay at home and hole up making Christmas crafts. I did go out to Wally World this am for some groceries and some gifts. Love days like this where you can just veg out at home and play. We played Rumis (one of our favorite family games-thanks Holly an Mark) and worked on Christmas card bookmark for classmates as well as writing some Christmas cards out and a few other Christmas gift projects that I have been working on. I know I need to get some of them posted-but first I need to get them done! LOL One of them I'm working on right now is turning out to be a lot of fun-playing with transparencies and photos, ink and more. Really fun to break away from my traditional pages and do something different. Gaining a lot of inspiration from ali edward's blog as well as becky higgins. So much talent out there. So great that these ladies are willing to share their ideas with the world.

Was working at my new scrapbook station this evening and found myself chuckling about how I came about the workstation. Last Friday I was running errands...picking up Christmas photos to go in cards, dropping of boxes of charitable donations at local hub and other and turned the corner, simultaneously catching a glimpse of what looked like a great potential scrapbooking desk. (I have had an image in my mind of what I have wanted for quite some time now-but similar ones were always way too expensive. I had considered making one myself but new I didn't have the time). Anyways, I stopped by the local antique flea market on the way back from running my errands to take a closer look. The store sets things out on the sidewalk to lure you in-and they definitely lured me. The workbench was just what I was looking for! I went inside and came out $78.00 later with the scrapping station of my dreams! Or at least my sized pocketbook! Where the outting took on a slightly more expensive turn was when I went to make a u-turn just down the street from the store. I spotted a stray puppy, wandering along the busy main thoroughfare, scrounging for food. I immediately stopped the van and hopped out. I walked around to the back of the van to look for him and thought he had run off-so I turned back to get into the van thinking to myself I had at least attempted to save him-but I wasn't going to chase him down...and there he was-looking at me with his head cocked to the side as if to say, "Ya lookin' for me-here I AM!" He was a cute small older spaniel dog. I popped him into the van and quickly my mind was reeling with the realization of what I had just done-and what was Mick going to say. I drove the mile and a half home thinking of how I would break it to him that, yes, I had indeed found yet another stray, and yes, I had indeed taken in another pet. I decided that honesty is always the best policy and immediately told Mick about the desk and the dog when I got home. I called our local police dept. to see if any dogs of his description had been missing. The attendant said no but took my name and number.
So...we took "Toby" in and loved on him. And introduced him to the four-legged fam-all who accepted him in a pretty friendly manner. He was the best dog-EVER! He didn't bark, he didn't whine, he didn't beg...he just existed for the sole purpose of being loved by us. He loved to be in my lap. He would've made an awesome pet...and he did...Toby, aka "Melvis" (What were they thinking?) found his owners the next morning after a phone call from them saying they had been missing him. I told them I had given him a bath and had taken him to the vet to get a flea pill and topical flea meds(some for our dogs too)and that he was a great dog. So my quick little 35 minute errand running trip ending up costing us about $125.00. Still not a bad deal given that it is the season for giving! I'll try and get some pics (not great quality) posted soon of my desk and "Toby."

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