Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend Lens

Lovely Easter weekend for us. We took a little road trip to visit my DH's side of the family. Good to reconnect with some family members we hadn't seen in for-ev-ah!

Here's a few snaps from my lens from this weekend:
Attended my 15yr old nephews baseball game. That's him rounding second. :) So very happy to be in attendance.

And here I am with my stunningly beautiful sister-in-law (but she'll always be a sister to me).
Before Easter service:

And the  gorgeous collection of flowers in the form of a cross on the altar and surrounding steps. There were many more ferns, daffodils, tulips, and other flowers along the steps lining the altar not pictured here. According to my MIL, there were more than 135 plants total.
Crazy pretty!

 A selfie I took in my BILs garage since the lighting was good and I actually dried and styled my hair (this happens once in a blue moon. Really. Ask my family.

and a pic of my Sweet Mick and me:

A few traditional Easter  pics (sadly I did not pack my telephoto and as the other rents/grands were snapping pics with their point and shoots I kept a distance from the egg hunt).

And now for some non-traditional pics:

And here are the kiddos; ranging from 15 down to 3. Trying to capture this many looking at the camera is no small feat-unless...
 wait for it...wait for it..
 now! It involves a roll coaster ride in which case it is "Game on" and all of the little and big personalities come out. These are just a few of my favs from the shoot. (all pics are SOOC and unedited).

After the steps we played another game called run at Aunt Suz/Momma as fast as you can! This one proved slightly harrowing to me as they neared me (more my camera lens that I was concerned with than my lil ole self! LOL)
These are just a few in a series I took. Leave it to my youngest to be front, center, and larger than life!

 Right before I about got taken out! Love the utter joy of childhood at it's best on ALL of their faces. Left me beaming with happiness.

I'll try to BBL with a few more. Time for Taekwondo.


  1. Love the "photoshoot" photos, what a fun family! And my you are looking beautiful in your "selfie" shot.

    P.S. I left you an award over at my blog...go check it out :)

  2. So many great photos! Lovely one of you, and I love your glasses in the one of you and your hubby! The cross of flowers is amazing! I love the photos of the kids running at you - super fun idea that turned out great!


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