Wednesday, March 07, 2012

March Blew In...

...literally! This has been such a blustery week around here with tornadic weather all around us. It certainly didn't help my seasonal allergies either so off I went to the doc for an allergy shot last week. Along with other rxs and regimens, I am finally feeling more like a human being-lol!
My DH sent me this via his phone yesterday. I simply cannot wait for our trees to bloom like this (well, ok, on send thought, I CAN wait if I am allergic to their pollen-thankfully I don't think I am).
 This is eldest son. On his way to HIGH SCHOOL Scheduling Meeting!! Seriously? This momma is in complete and utter denial that he is headed there in mere months. CRAY-ZEE!

And so the meeting starts and all of a sudden there is an outburst of uncontrollable laughter from the back of the room. Ahem.  My relatively shy and rule-following son (who wasn't sitting next to me thankfully-so I didn't have to claim him -JUST KIDDING) and his two buddies totally had the giggles. Thankfully, the teacher running the show was their gifted teacher and she handled the outburst from them well. The interesting part was that his friend's mom had started laughing too which only served to worsen the outburst.
All was well in the end when his buddy's mom sent her son to come over and to sit by me.
Sheesh! (I'm still shaking my head over that one!) Turns out the buddy closest in the picture had blown into a water bottle and it had made a strange (insert your imagination here) noise. BOYS. BOYS. BOYS.

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  1. Funny! Love this post. High school - oh my! I will be in denial when that time comes too!


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