Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Friendly Visit of the Neighborly Type

This past weekend our home was graced with the presence of our dear friends and former next door neighbors; the "McB" family. Complete with a set of twins who are nearly two.
It was so awesome to see the whole family (last year we just saw Jan and the twins). So wonderful to reconnect. To catch up. And, as it always goes with genuine, authentic friendships, it was just as though we had never moved away from them (nearly 8 years ago now). It was just as though they had just walked the few paces over from their house. Except in reality, it was several hundred miles. The conversation. Flowing. The topics. Many. The laughter. Endless. Much of the laughter a result of two rambunctious two years old replying upon questioning of whether they had been "good boys today" with impish "NoooooOOOs". We couldn't stop chuckling over that one.

Anyway, here are a few photos from my weekend lens:

And this youngest boy of mine? He is such a helper. He is such a gentle soul to those younger than him. Always picking up, looking after, mentoring and nurturing. Going to make a great dad one day lonnnnnng down the road. Where is a pic of my oldest you ask? He was at our church youth group retreat, growing in his faith and connecting with others finding their way.

Precious times. Precious boys. Precious friendship.  Grateful for the time and the memories.  :)
Be back soon with some recent creations.

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