Sunday, December 18, 2011

Playing Catch Up | Tis the Season...

To get a bit behind on my goals. The weekend flew by with a visit to a dear tennis friend who collapsed/passed on the tennis court Wed. while we played and is having several tests done. Doctors still aren't sure of what caused his episodes and he is still in the hospital as I type this.(Yes, he's had several-please pray for answers and good health if you'd be so kind). Then I played in an all day tennis tourney and home to the fam and Big Gma's arrival. We went to local sports store and geared up for some snow fun over the holidays. Then out to dinner. Nice time visiting with my mom and chatting about holiday plans. The little "Budder" balled up on our guest bed. Keeping a peripheral eye on on me.

 The boys checking out you tube videos on snowboard. Trying to electronically brush up on their skillz.

Big Grandma (-There is a humorous story behind this nickname of course bc obviously my mom is NOT physically big-and yes, she is completely OK with the nickname and actually loves it.) making herself at home and setting up office on the bed. So very happy to have her here. Missed her so.

Ok, back to the weekend review:

Today, was church and Philip (our Pastor/Minister) gave an awesome sermon on Peace and being Peacemakers. Good stuff.
After church, home to laundry and final holiday preparations. A visit from Aunt Ruth and Uncle G in the afternoon and wrapping gifts has consumed the rest of the day. Just now getting to straightening up my scrap space so I can get my crafty on and get caught up on Dec Daily and make a huge dent in my Freehand Scraps January Design Team Kit.

I will try to post some DD layouts before take a few days off to spend with the family.
Happy Holidays to all! May it be safe and healthy and full of J.O.Y.


  1. Looks super cute and cosy, Chez Suz.

    Happy Holidays friend!

  2. Will be thinking about your friend and saying a prayer, Suz.
    I hope you had a wonderful holiday and enjoy your snowy fun with family!


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