Friday, December 02, 2011

December Daily 2011 | Day 1

Yesterday was hectic with lots of deadline and things to get done before Ethan's big "Double Digit" birthday today. After all were in bed, I managed to finish Day #1 and read a little more in Catching Fire. (So hard to put down! I was up past 2am! Hence the incessant yawning today.)

Anyway, here is Day#1. Trying to keep it simple and get it done. Need to let go of perfectionism and the fact that I wavered over two different ribbons for about 10 minutes before deciding on the houndstooth. Definitely need to consider setting a clock with a decision making and completion deadline. LOL

Here's the digi page before trimming but with the journaling.

It's been a busy day of birthday activities with no end in near sight. Have already been several fun places, have had a few adventures, and have a few more to go before I can get back and post pics here again. Happy Friday y'all!


  1. Love your day 1 Suz. Do not stress about it too much - honestly I have learnt that from previous years and I love my albums and can't remember now why I got so stressed!

    Catching Fire - The Hunger Games - Reckon December is a bad time to read these books as there is no way you'll get your DD done if you're in the middle of those. Loved them.


  2. go with the flow. simple is a good thing :)


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