Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tornadic Weather and a Double Rainbow

Pics from tonight off our back porch and front entryway. This particular storm hit Joplin, MO hard. At last 24 confirmed dead. One of Mick's reps house was nearly leveled to the ground. He'll/we'll be more than likely heading over there to help with the cleanup tomorrow. Joplin is more than 6o miles away from us and yet an xray from St. John's hospital was found in our vicinity. CRAZY! My heart goes out to the community of Joplin and to the other smaller communities that were also hit by tornadoes or straight winds this evening. My family lost two barns and 2/3 of a brand new silo in July of 1980. I remember is all too well. My dad was out at the farm (pre cell phone days) about 8 miles from our home. We didn't know if he was ok. Scary times. On a bright note though, about 2 dozen wonderful servants of God (Mennonites from Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania came and helped us remove the debris for four days. All they asked for was to be fed. Truly amazing people. I have never forgotten them and always want to pay it forward because of them.

Tonight, we are still not out of the woods. Tornado watches until 4 am. We are headed for a long, sleepless night. Grateful though, that we have a rood over our heads and a 9 inch thick storm cellar to hunker down into.


  1. I couldn't even begin to imagine what living in fear of tornadoes would be like, but I have seen and experienced the effects of Category 5 cyclones. Stay safe...x

  2. We must live really close to each other... we saw the same double rainbow last night.

    I saw your comment on the SC MB about the tornado.

    God Bless those in Joplin, total devastation.


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