Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring... in the air. Today was gorgeous. Mild. Sunny. A gentle breeze. And once I got rid of my sinus headache due to seasonal allergies...all was good.
A few more pics (from a different perspective) of our new trees:

Ethan helped me mow the yard today. I had him sit on my lap while he learned the "touch and feel" of the riding mower. He's not quite old enough to have a go of it by himself but I am sure that day is all too looming on the horizon. Loved the time I spent with him today. Good quality + quantity bonding time. Love that he still likes spending time with me-even moreso in the past year since we've been homeschooling.

Made some homemade lasagna tonight for dinner and some chocolate chip cookie doug. No cookies baked yet, but that will happen! ;-)

A few pics of my window boxes: Love all of the blooms. Can't believe I need to stain the window boxes already. It seems like it was just last spring that I resealed/restained. Not sure. I'll have to check back to last spring's photos in iPhoto gallery to be sure. :)

So what have you been up to lately to celebrate Spring?


  1. Spring? Nope. We are preparing for the colder weather! LOL!!

  2. Your trees are looking fab! I've been working in our garden today planting up some pots of flowers - yes, spring is in the air.


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