Friday, May 13, 2011

A Nursery...

...visited us today. Not of the human type but of the horticultural type! We FINALLY, after living here nearly 7 years, added a few more trees to our yard. Pretty excited about it-I tell ya! Can't wait to see them bloom next spring. Appalachian red buds, Japanese dogwoods, and a very special double weeping cherry (in memory of my sweet Big Sis, Linda/"Linny"). Happy that it can be seen from both my kitchen window and my scrap room window as well. Love that my window boxes have lots of little vibrant blooms bursting open each day before the sweltering heat of summer forces extra watering sessions.

In other news, belt testing for taekwon-do tonight. All four of us will test. The boys will test for high red belt and Mick and I; high green. Happy to have my Mick home after many delayed/canceled flights from a brief work trip to Phoenix. Poor guy-8 hours of sleep in two days-definitely disrupting his mojo!
Tomorrow, Ethan's piano concert and perhaps some prepping for a garage sale.
Have a great weekEND! Back at y'all later!

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