Friday, January 05, 2007


Wow...the week is flying by. I had meant to post on NY's Day but was busy taking down the Christmas tree and cleaning house-including the much neglected laundry basket! BTW, my 13 yo Kenmore finally quit heating the clothes. The tumbler still worked but not the heating element-so rather that waste time and money for the mimimun$100-"let's take a look at it to see what's wrong" and then pay more to MAYBE get it fixed-Mick and I lugged the boys out to Sears for a new one. Nothing with all of the bells and whistles but similar to the one we had (after all 13 years with no maintenance is a pretty good record, don't ya think?) While we were there we got Mick an early Father's Day present-a new stainless steel grill. They had a great closeout deal going on-complete with assemby (gotta LOVE that!). So, guess who'll be a grillin' out this weekend! ;)

New Years Eve was a nice, quasi-quiet evening at home with the BEBZ and Holly and Mark and baby Ben (he's nearly a year old now-yikes!) We played a new Christmas game called Rumis-that all of us really enjoy playing as well as a few rounds of hearts. HM and ben left around 2AM and made the long trek home (approx. 1/4 mile). So nice to not have to worry about the trip home-ya know?

Tues. brought with it a return to semi-normalcy. Ben was here and had a blast watching the boyz dance to the new Blue Man Group keyboard. He kept screeching with glee as you can tell by the pictures above! The boyz would collapse at the end of the music in a slump of exhaustion-to which Ben enjoyed even more. I'm so happy I caught it all on film. I told Holly it really made me aware of how life would be with three-REALLY LOUD AND BOISTEROUS! Seriously though, I sat back on my heels, camera in hand and thought to myself-I truly hope these boys get to grow up together-and if they do what a blessing that will be-and if they don't let me just cherish and enjoy the moment.

Well....ahem...I just tried several times to post the pics-and it's not a workin'. I'll try again later.

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