Monday, January 15, 2007

Catastrophic Ice Storm

hi all. I'm gonna be quick to post as last time i attempted to update everyone on our current weaterh situation-we lost power again. The longest we have been without is about 30+ hours. We have been getting by nicely thanks in great part to two ventless fireplaces that we have that are about 99% efficient. When the power has been out we grill outside on the deck. We still have hot, running water and are counting our blessings that we have had power for the length of time that we have had. We have lost several large branches off of our large trees at the edge of our property and our river birch near house are bent over and nearly touching the ground. We have been VERY fortunate but with temperatures dropping we still worry about freezing pipes and such. I'll try and post some pics-before and afters. We are currently(and have been for about one day now) the only street with electricity as far as we can see 360 degrees. Our six houses on our street were without while everyone else had power-so it's a strange turn of events and even more strange to look out and see total blackness except for our street. Better get to the pics...ok...I'll have to try again later-site is encountering problems with posting the pics-imagine that? Hmmm..... :)

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