Sunday, January 07, 2007


..the BEBZ requested that they go outside to ride their bikes and hit the baseball-and who am I as a mother to deny them that childhood liberty?Wish I could just drop all of my responsibilities and just hang...oh, I guess I did since I obviously was outside taking these pictures!LOL. Seriously though, I went right back in to continue tackling the laundry and paring down my scrapbooking stash. The last pic is of my cousin Holly and Ben. See any similarities? BTW, not sure why I am all of a sudden get my vertical pics laying on their side-they are not in my Adobe PS album that way. Maybe it's my new template settings, huh? NTS: have to check into that.

Got back from church and have been continuing to tackle the SB section of our "Everybody" Room. Still need to clean out the fridge and get the garbage out before small group tonight. Back to the routine tomorrow-but...the Gators are playing so it will be a fun evening tomorrow (that is IF they upset THE Ohio State University! Goooooooooo-GATORS!!!!!!:)
BTW-just look at that smirk on the Boomeister! What an imp-(Doesn't it just scream "Full of Mischief?") The other pictures I took before capturing the one above, he was in full pseudo-pout form! One things for sure-you'll always get some kinda picture with him-just not the studio type!:)

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