Monday, January 06, 2014

Free Download: PL Weekly Date Cards | January 6-12

Hi all! I am back with a quick post about my One Little Word for 2014. Here it is:

I will have more to say about this one little word in the future, but for now I will just say I am embracing it and have already taken some steps to move towards it in my life. Good stuff. 

Some more good stuff. 
Project Life.
Last year was the first year I felt I really kept current.
I never got behind more than one week. 
I have to say that felt good. 

And, this year, so far, I am current too! (Insert a small woot! woot! I realize it's only the second week of the new year, but I believe in celebrating the big and little accomplishments in life, yes?)

In celebrating the new year, and both big and little accomplishments I am sharing my PL weekly date cards that I created in PSE. 

I was super inspired by the simplicity of my 2014 Stendig Calendar  in the designing of these cards (image below).

(Little tidbit of info: It is the only design calendar that is in the MOMA; Museum of Metropolitan Art) 
Love that font.
Love its simplicity. 
Graphic and bold. 
Clean and simple.

FREE DOWNLOAD>>>>>>>>Here ya go with the FREE DOWNLOAD. Just click here to begin the download.

I would love to see your pages created with them! Feel free to share on IG (let me know by tagging me @SuzMannecke  - no spaces)  or here by commenting with a link to your creations in the comment section below!

If you have any difficulties with download, leave a comment below. Hopefully you won't. I am not super tech savvy, but I will try to help if I can. :)

Oh, and please, credit the designer (Suz Mannecke) when posting or sharing. Thanks :) ;)
Have a beautiful Monday! Stay warm!!



  1. Simplify. I love it. I'm attempting to follow through with PL this year. I think I need to simplify as well..x

  2. "simplify" is my olw too!! these date cards are awesome, thanks for sharing them!!!

  3. Thank you Suz!! Awesome idea!

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies! And you are welcome! :)


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