Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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Hi All! Back with you on this lovely Tuesday to share with you some weekend inserts that I use when working on my everyday life documented. Since much of what my family does together is shared on the weekends (or more of the fun, exciting stuff anyways) I almost always implement some sort of page insert into my PL spread that highlights the weekend activities. This works for me because I have more time to take pictures on the weekend too. And this past weekend happened to have a bunch of activities, so I actually used two page inserts! (*Yes, I have always been a rule follower but find that breaking creative rules are kind of fun the older I get). That's one of the many things I love about this type of documentation; you can make it fit your needs, or your creative style!
So, on to my weekend inserts:
First up, I loved, loved, loved seeing this patterned paper by Bella Blvd show up in my DT goody package!! I knew immediately I wanted to break out my Copic markers and have a little bit o' fun coloring outside the lines! (*There I go breaking the rules again! LOL)

Beneath the photo I have another Becky Higgins PL card that has journaling about the story behind the wand bottle opener my friend is holding (er, I mean waving). ;) I simply used my tiny attacher to staple the front photo (on green heart BB sticker)  to the back card. You can still lift the photo and easily read the journaling.

Here is the back side of the first weekend insert:
 On the backside of the "hello" PL journal card I wrote about having our eldest son's GF over for dinner for the first time.So surreal that I have a son old enough to drive and to have a girlfriend. *Sigh.  
The front of weekend insert #2:
We attended a concert by a fave local 80s band of ours after the taekwondo pool/bbq party. So, so fun and the weather was perfect for this outdoor event! I loved that the theme gave me great reason to break into the awesome neon Freckled Fawn Enamel Dew Drop Stickers that are in the COGC shop. ;) The orange "80s" and "Members Only" is a cut up concert wristband I saved. I always find it kinda fun to work ephemera and memorabilia into my PL spreads.

Some close ups highlighting several of the adorable stickers from the Bella Blvd Everyday and Snapshots lines (*now available in the COGC shop!) 

I used Becky Higgins Design H page protector for the first weekend insert and American Crafts for the Second.
 And the back of the second insert:
The top card flips up to reveal hidden journaling. Journaling talks about my hubs playing some mean ragtime on the piano and everyone at the party  enjoying it. What some didn't know is that it is also a player piano, so when he was finishedreally playing, they had others go up to the piano and give it a try. Then they set the piano in motion! It was a fun surprise by a quite a few! LOL

I also have been using digital templates to make quick and easy photo collages/hybrid inserts for my weekend pages. I will be sharing this technique a little bit further down the road as I don't have a wide format printer at home currently and the templates I have been using are 6x12 and will fit into an American Crafts 6x12 page protector when printed. So look for that tutorial or post here on the COGC in the near future.
Enjoy the rest of your day y'all! Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. This is awesome! I so love the new Bella collections too..x

  2. Beautiful work! So fresh, fun and funky!!! Awesome!!

  3. Possibly the most fun I've seen on a PL spread in ages. Love the inset idea, and especially the rule breaking. I do it all the time. Love that I can make this style suite my needs. Looking forward to your tutorial Suz.


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