Friday, July 08, 2011

A Surprise Fly By... this awesome group of Elite Aviators:

oh wait...not close enough for you? about now?

 or now...
 I was pleasantly surpriesed to catch them this close through my telephoto lens as fast as they can fly. REALLY surprised!

Karen and I were driving back from dropping my niece Andrea off at her Grandmommie's and caught sight of the Blue Angels as we were getting ready to pay a toll in Pensacola Beach. She pulled over just in time for me to swap out lenses and quickly capture these shots as the Angels roared RIGHT over our heads. I looked like a crazy tourist as I jumped up and down along the shoulder of the road shouting and giggling at Karen that I got the shot! (Now that I think of it...since we no longer live in Florida, I guess I was a crazy tourist! LOL)
Anyway, it was a wonderful surprise and treat to see the Angels so close and FREE! I was happy I got a few shots for the boys and other family (and blog readers) to enjoy. Off to go make some more memories with the fam! BBL.

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