Monday, July 04, 2011

Some New To Us Favs

Had a great morning touring about the area. The boys were wanting to spend some of their birthday money and we googled this particular gem of a find! Not only did the boy come out happy campers, I was very content to just shoot away with my camera, enjoying all of the eye candy, color inspiration and photographic opportunities that abounded. :) Here's just a few pics from this lil adventure:    ;) 

Which Bob? Bob the Builder? Bob Wiley? Ohhhh...Bob Marley!! (I sooo knew that! Just messin' with ya Casey!)
 An optometric physician's dream T-shirt.

 I sooooo wanted to purchase one of these lovelies for the boys' room, but alas, they were a bit pricey (and the boys aren't great about keeping their room tidy, so it would be lost amongst the masses of clothes, shoes, and musical items.)

We had three more stops before heading back to the beach for an afternoon of beach fun. Will be back at another time to post some of the other favs. :) Have a safe and happy, FREE Fourth to those who recognize it. Thanks to all of our troops for their service and sacrifice so much for our freedom.

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