Thursday, June 09, 2011

Stitching Template Tutorial/Idea

Hi All! I mentioned earlier that I would post an idea of how to make some quick and easy stitching templates. Here's what you need:
  • various punches, border or otherwise**
  • transparencies (or thin acetate sheets from scrapbooking supply packaging = recycle/repurpose/reuse) ;-)
  • paper piercer and piercing mat or mouse pad
  • floss/thread
  • scrapbooking paper
  • needle
1. Take out a transparency sheet and punch with your favorite punch. 
2. Place your punched transparency over the area of your scrapbooking paper that you want to stitch on. Punch with piercer through the open areas of the template. Stitch your design. Repeat as needed. (Or in this case, wanted!) :)

Note: It is not necessary to have the transparencies to make the template. Obviously, you could just use the punch on the patterned paper and you are good to go; stitching through the punched out areas. (I have done this technique on numerous occasions).
I made these particular templates because I don't always want/have the space to load up a bunch of punches to take to a crop or to a friend's house. This is an easy way to get the job done and save space! I have also used the transparencies to make custom stitching templates by doodling a design with a Sharpie and then punching holes through the transparency with my piercer following the lines of my design at even intervals. Using the Sharpie helps me to see where to stitch better as well.

Below is an example of where I used the Martha Stewart all-over heart punch directly to the paper and began stitching.
And here is where I used a custom template I made. I drew out my guide lines with a ruler and then overlayed my template so that the holes lined up with this guideline. Then I pierced away. Stitching followed.

 With this particular template I can straight stitch or zig zag stitch.
 I used a hole punch and punched holes in the end of my templates and bound them together with a book ring for easy organization and access.
 The end result:
 I really enjoy this technique as it incorporates two hobbies I love; scrapbooking and cross-stitching/embroidery. I also enjoy the added texture it brings to my layout. A nice finishing touch! :) Happy stitching! Please leave a comment with questions.

**Disclaimer: On occasion, your punch make get stuck while punching through the thin transparencies. As with any other time my punches stick, I gently pry it back open with a flat head screwdriver. Since I only made one template with each pattern, I wasn't concerned with wear and tear to my punches. :)

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  1. Suz, thanks for this tutorial, I'm going to have a go at this on a layout that I plan to do very soon - I'll post on my blog when it's done.


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