Monday, April 18, 2011

Experiencing the Magical, Musical Genius...

...that is, SIR ELTON JOHN:

Mick and I were pleasantly surprised at what our $29 seats bought us! When we looked at the seating chart, Section I wasn't even on it! So we were expecting to just listen to Sir Elton. We were apologizing to my cousin Holly and her hubby Mark, who went with us, joking that next time maybe they'd have better luck at getting good seats. And then we saw where our seats were.! REALLY!? We just won the lottery! :)

The best images I could get with no flash and the ISO capabilities of my camera. (If he just could've sat still for two seconds-lol!)

A night to remember...always!


  1. WOW!!! You got good seats, for a good price. :) Laughing at your comment, if he could've just sat still. LOL!!! :)

  2. $29--good investment!! Looks like fun :)


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