Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drum Roll Please...

...or make that a set of head phones please! Mick and I totally surprised the boys this evening with a new-to-us drum set. I made up a story about how I needed to take them to tennis with me as Daddy was delayed getting home. (This gave Mick time to set everything up). When Mick didn't answer my calls after I finished tennis, I bought some more time by taking the boys out for a slushie and a sundae. Then when we got home, conveniently for us, severe weather was starting to brew, so I quickly told Mick that we should tell the boys they needed to bring the dogs in ASAP and get to the storm shelter immediately. While they were putting the dogs up, I grabbed my camera and hid out in a corner of the storm cellar and waited to capture these less-than-perfect-but-oh-so-precious-lovelies:

I am feeling the need for a few Calgon moments in my future...and, of course, a good set of headphones!

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