Thursday, September 30, 2010

Woman's Day

I am a woman.

      Yesterday was a day.
So...I used said day to create this...

 Color is off as I shot these at night with what little artificial lighting I have in our basement hallway. The walls are actually yellow.

Got the idea while surfing the internet. Apparently this wreath is on the cover of October 2010 Woman's Day magazine. It wasn't difficult to make, nor expensive, just a little bit of time (~1.5 hours). This would be a great way to utilize your May Arts ribbon if your lucky enough to have a stash! I just grabbed a roll of Wally-World $2 black cutout webbing ribbon, some black gorilla duct tape, two bags of Brach's candy corn (I used about 1.75- the boys started nibbling on the rest,)my low temp glue gun, and a foam wreath from Michael's (use your  40% off coupons ladies and gents) and set to work. The boys enjoyed helping me and watching it all come together. The website recommended drying the candy out first for 7-10days and then adding a layer of Modge Podge to preserve the wreath for next year. I plan to just let it hang out to dry naturally and Modge Podge later. (I have no patience, you see!)

What are you crafting up for the fall holidays? Leave a comment and share with the rest of us. :-)

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