Monday, May 24, 2010

Posting from the Road

So, I've been having a lovely time visiting Chicagoland and my dear old friends and neighbors. On Saturday, I got to catch up with my friend Jill and her Mom, Barb, to dine and reminisce along with me at Max and Erma's. Don't you just love having friends that (sadly) you haven't seen in years and yet you can still finish each others sentences? Comfortable, easy, unconditional friendships. True blue ones. That's the kind of friends I'm blessed enough to have.

This is Jill, Barb, and Greg. Where's Greg you say? Greg is Jill's Garmin GPS device. They were inputting directions to a favorite store of theirs; the next stop on their daily excursion:

IKEA., I've never ever been to IKEA. And yesterday, I was finally lucky enough to go with my friend Jan, and her two little twin bambino boys; Caleb and Joshua. WE had SO MUCH FUN! Picked up lots of lovelies and a few for my friend, Lexi. Just wish I had room for some big furniture items. I think I'll just have to make another trip up soon! :)
And today, I get to meet up with my sweet, dear friend, Tanya and do some scrappin' into the wee hours. I can't go to Chicago and not scrap!

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