Thursday, May 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Back home. No matter how much fun I have getting away to visit friends and family, I always enjoy pulling into our driveway and being HOME.

And...speaking of home, the interest rates are still great on refinancing, so Mick and I are going through the process again, decreasing the term of our loan with no closing costs and keeping the same interest rate. (We could do a fifteen year fixed for 4.375% but felt that would not be the best choice for us at this time). So, we went with a fixed 20 year loan. Lots of benefits for us including paying off the house much faster and we are only paying about 80 bucks more per month than we had been paying. SWEET.

Back to piano lessons, tennis lessons, taekwon do, unpacking, laundry and more.
...Just in time to recharge for a weekend at the lake with family and great friends. Can't wait to celebrate. Ian turns 12 and there's no better way to celebrate than hanging out on the lake, wake boarding and skiing and soaking up all of the fun that the lake has to offer.
However, I'm trying to stay mindful amidst all of the fun ahead, that the WHOLE reason we can enjoy what we do is because of individuals who have made GREAT SACRIFICES for our FREEDOM to do so.

  Thank you to all of our veterans and to our troops currently fighting for our freedom and the freedom of others. Thank you for your sacrifices-they are great and many and are deeply appreciated.

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