Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

(Card I made for my sister who's going through some tough times).

was beautifully boyish. I mean, I am a momma to two blue-eyed boys, ya know! The day started with breakfast in bed at Big Grandma's Cabin-a homemade sausage, egg and cheese biscuit made with my new favorite bun:

and some beautiful cards with lovely sentiments inside:

How cute and how sweet! Awe...

And then it was a viewing of "Brothers" while the boys played some Game Cube. For lunch we had left over (divinely scrumptious) pulled pork sandwiches that I made the night before with an accompanying Ramen noodle coleslaw poppyseed salad complete with Craisins and sunflower seeds.

And some awesome gifts (as if the aforementioned wasn't enough):

I can't wait to give these a trial run, "Suzer Millan" style!
A hand created gift from Boo to cherish for years to come:

I can't wait to frame it. And it's a flower that lasts forever. Yeah me!

After lunch, the boys kicked the soccer ball around for a bit and played with the TV antenna (disclaimer: do not attempt this without adult supervision-lol). And we played some games.

Our evening ended after a trip to Sonic for some slushies and dinner; a yummy Caprese salad and a viewing of Sweet Home Alabama. The perfect end to a perfectly laid back Mother's Day.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Freehand Scraps love here on your blog! Your owls are SO cute!'s no wonder why you and Lexi are friends! She loves owls too :)

    I saw your post about the snake in the garage...are you sure that you and Lexi didn't have the same one visit your houses? She had one that looked SO similar!



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