Monday, March 29, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes

So...I've been experiencing a batch of wicked TKO headaches the past week or so. Being that Ian had a bout with a sinus infection last week, I thought perhaps I might have one too.
The good sinus infection. The bad news...wicked, WICKED allergies. After finally giving up on self medicating with Extra-strenth Tylenol and Actifed (which knocked me out all day yesterday) I tried to get in to see my doc. No such luck. Booked solid. So, I ended up at the after hours Urgent Care. The tentative diagnosis: Seasonal allergies. It sounds so benign doesn't. Never would give one the idea that it would knock one flat on one's buttkus for a week and a half or leave one walking around like a zombie in a trance. I have a new found appreciation for the term "Allergy Sufferers." One truly does suffer.

Post diagnosis and after a quick trip to Walgreens for a Neti pot and a box of Claritin, I can see a new day on the horizon. Now...if only it wasn't a full moon tonight and I had a new mattress on my bed (still waiting for it to arrive at the warehouse) I might actually have a good night's sleep too! And after googling local pollen counts and finding this:

It's no wonder I've been feeling so lousy!
So here's to Dr. Mehti...bless you for inventing this little gadget pictured below, and to the makers of Claritin, for giving me a better quality of life today. Now, maybe I can actually enjoy this beautiful spring weather we are finally having!

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