Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

especially my youngest. When I was walking him home from school Wed. there was a place in the sidewalk that had newly poured concrete. There were two teachers standing guard along with four milk cartons placed strategically around the perimeter of the concrete in the hopes of warding off all kinds of little scampering feet from walking into it.


(I am certain you know where this is leading)

...I was walking ahead of Boo and directed him (hand motions and all) A-R-O-U-N-D this aforementioned locale. He proceeds to attempt to Evil Kneivel jump over the milk cartons/concrete and lands one of his pirate skull Vans right in the center of the poured concrete! I sheepishly looked at one of the teachers; my good friend, the librarian, and apologized profusely.

What's a Momma to do?


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