Monday, March 01, 2010

The Results Are In...DNA Testing

I received an oversized envelope in the mail today. The results of Bella's DNA Testing to determine just WHAT exactly (well, as "exactly" as possible) she is.

My niece and I thought she was mostly patterdale terrier.
My dear hubby thought pitbull.

It turns out we were all wrong.
She is a mixture of the following:

1. Affection
2. Loyalty
3. Intelliegence
4. Beauty
5. Unconditional love

Ok...she is all that...but, here's what she really is:

In order of largest percentage of the breed type:

Wait for it... WAIT FOR IT...

  1. Basenji (Level 2)
  2. Boxer (Level 3)
  3. Boston Terrier (Level 4)
Below is the approximate percentages she is composed of from each breed type. Cool huh?

After looking up basenji on the internet-I totally see how she is mostly that breed-sans the curly tail and vertical positioning of the ears.
Here's what basenjis look like:


  1. Bella is a beautiful dog! I think it is very cool that you had DNA testing done on her.


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