Monday, February 08, 2010

Separation Anxiety

...that's what My Girl (Bella) has. She has definitely found a way into our home and into our hearts. She loves to play, and fetch and gets along grandly with her other four-legged siblings (as well as the two legged type). She loves to ride in my vehicle, walk Boo to and from school and to sleep at my feet. She loves to earn treats. Give kisses. Give hugs.
But...and this is one big BUT (no...not B-U-T-T!)..
she is one UNhappy Camper when I have to leave her behind.

We've been working on that. And thankfully, since my "Pack" is becoming more calm, submissive and balanced ( least in terms of my four-legged family-LOL) Bella is showing improvement in that area. And Rudy, well...let's just say the "Good Ole Boy" is becoming quite the "Big Daddy" (Cesar Millan references mixed and mingling throughout this post). When I become weary/frustrated with the whimpering, Rudy valiantly, boldly, commandingly steps in and barks three times and instantly...

there's peace and quiet. Submission and tranquility. Not a peep to be heard. Just the quiet hum of my laptop and the ticking of the giant faced clock over the kitchen/hearth fireplace. Sigh. Life is good.
Thank you dear Rudy, you just earned yourself "Top Shelf" on my Snug List!

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