Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Official

My oldest is growing up. Ian came running excitedlyupstairs a couple of days ago and informed me that he had just been on FB and had asked "Katie" to go out with him. And that she had indeed replied "Yes."

I, being the son of an 11-year-old-going-on-12-year old..
... freaked out.
"What do you mean going out?" (We have a strict rule about not asking anyone out (to do anything) without first running it by us (Mick and me); the parents, first.

The rule goes:
If you ask to do something with a friend without asking us (the parents) first, and without doing so in private; the answer will be an

But, apparently, after calming myself down a bit, and after questioning a bit more, I found out that his definition of "going out" was quite different and more benign than mine. I'm still not comfortable with the whole situation but realize that this said son of mine is attempting to find his place in this world, to grow his circle of friendship and to learn a bit about relationships with the opposite sex.

---As long as it's just a wee little bit...
...I guess I'm okay with that.
But, let me just say, Mick and I will be making a much more definitive set of rules about Facebook and "girlfriends" and the whole dating thing this weekend! (And the "dating thing" will include the number 16 or higher!! Say...25?)

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