Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today Was One of Those Days... of those days where I chide myself for not being prepared. For not having the correct item on hand. For not realizing what beautiful, gorgeous photographic moments I was going to miss capturing on film. Today..on the way to church...was the most spectacular panoramic view of sparkling white trees amidst an ocean of GOR-ge-OUS blue skies! And if missing that photograph wasn't insult enough to my photographic self, on the way home from church we caught the most spectacular view of a stately bald eagle perched atop a tree-we drove right beneath him! If only, I had my camera, and my car (the one with the sunroof)! Anyways, I did manage to capture a pic with my iPhone, but let's face it, Mr. Steve Jobs, you have created a plethora of wonderful gadgets for all of us technologically addicted peeps (even those of us who a tech slow-learners like myself) but your iPhone camera ain't no Canon DSLR. (Not yet anyways!) If any of you out there in blogland happened to capture this beautiful day on film ( sensor) feel free to post a comment with a link to your pics.

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  1. I saw maybe the same eagle that you saw two days ago on the road that you turn off of to go to your house...can't remember the name and you just told me Friday night. I too thought, why can't I have my camera out. Today I had another moment when I went on Hwy 65 home just past the river and before Evans road turnoff. The rock bluffs had ice hanging down and someone had colored the giant scultures all different colors. If you go into town that way soon look on your right!


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