Friday, January 15, 2010

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates...

...well you know how the saying goes...

..."You Never know whatch you gonna git!" ( Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump).

A little four-legged sweetheart made it into my 4runner after being spotted by me on Monday evening. She was wandering along in the median of a very busy road that is located close to our house. I had just barely seen her (as it was dusk). I was driving Ian to tae kwon do practice and couldn't stop as we would've been late-but I was oh so worried that she was going to get hit! (Actually I feared she had already been hit as it appeared to me as if she was limping). I was talking to my DH, Mick, at the time I spotted her (who was away on business in Dallas). He said to me, "Do not pick her up. You can't save them all."


... I couldn't pick her up then-- and didn't...THEN...

but, obviously,

two days later...when I had a chance encounter with her again...

I did.

My niece (who was visiting from FL and who ironically happens to be a vet tech) and I spotted her, in the very same spot, while we were taking Ian to his band class. Of course I had our two big beasties (Rudy and Lily) in the back and knew that it would be a giant vehicle of chaos if I brought her into the 4Runner with them in it. I didn't want to stress her out more. So, I dropped my niece off, with some Quaker Granola bars (to entice the little beauty-it was the only food item I had on hand) while I proceeded to drop Ian off at band and then the big doggies off back home. This all took a mere matter of 5-7 minutes (The blessings of living in a smaller community). When I returned to the spot where I had dropped my niece Andrea off, she had the puppy with her and she was covered in mud from her ankles to her knees. (We had some really mild weather the past few days so everything was spring mush!)
She piled into the 4runner with the pup and we began the trip to my local vet to have her left front leg looked at. As we were driving along, she sat percehd proudly and contentedly atop the lap of my niece. Simultaneously, both my niece and I spoke: "She looks like a "Bella."

And so, dear blog readers, this: Bella.

She had surgery yesterday to remove a metal pellet that had been lodged in the metatarsals of her front left foot for at least a month according to the vet. She is doing well now and has proven herself to be quite the sweet girl and good girl too. She didn't whine or bark all through the night and she didn't mess in her cage. She loves the kids, isn't sure of Hugsley, our orange tabby (but doesn't chase him either) doesn't appear to be startled or afraid of much of anything and loves to be at our feet or by our side. She is a gem. Now... if my DH would just be amenable to letting us keep her. Say a little prayer for us, would ya? ;) TIA.
So, what kind of "life chocolate" do you dare partake of today?


  1. Aunt Susan,
    I will never forget the day we rescued little Bella. Anyone who comes in contact with her is going to love her! It was lucky to find her and have her fit right in...that was one of the more proud moments in my life. I felt like we did such a great thing and it was so liberating. She is surely something special :)
    Love you all!!!!


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