Monday, January 25, 2010

Mancala (aka Man-a-cal-a to some BEBZ)

Tonight was a bit of tae kwon do, book fair planning and organizing, paper grading, texting (a dear friend who is sick at a really fun event; CHA=Craft and Hobby Association) and playing with three puppies. Ok, one true puppy and two very large beasts who just think they are puppies. A batch of chocolate chip cookie dough was made after a game or two of mancala the boys chose to play (on their own-woohoo!) after they had read for thirty minutes. I just love it when technology gets cast aside for a bit and the old fashioned tried and true games of the past meet the minds of present day lads.

Things are finally quiet in the house as I type this. Starting to feel a bit tired-especially knowing all that I accomplished today (feel good about that) but knowing that tomorrow morning is just a blink away, and with it, another large list of things to do. Would I have it any other way??

The answer is yes, times

... I would.

But for NOW, I am content with my crazy blessed life.

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  1. Uh oh. I fear the sick friend you're referring to is our Lexi. And since I don't have texting (I know--shocking!), I'm in the dark.

    Did she catch Paxton's ickies?


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